St Francis Bay Adventures

Canal and River Cruises

St Francis Bay Adventures, a division of St Francis Bay Lodge,  offers activities such as canal cruises, river adventures, and professionally guided walks.

Canal Cruises

Our Ski Boat, Viking, seats up to 6 passengers. When the sky turns pink and yellow there is no place we would rather be than on a sunset cruise to enjoy this breathtaking experience. This is an absolute MUST on any holiday. Our canal cruises are interesting, informative and relaxing. Come and enjoy this iconic part of St Francis Bay with our fully qualified skipper.

Rates: R150.00 per person.

Duration: Approx 60 minutes.
You may bring your own drinks and snacks.
All ages welcome.

St Francis Bay Canal Cruise

St Francis Bay Canals

Ski Boat River Cruises

River Cruises

Bring the family or some friends. Up to 6 of you can cruise up and down the beautiful Kromme river with our qualified skipper and guide. You can combine a canal and river cruise to experience the best of both worlds. Bring along some snacks and drinks, sit back, relax and enjoy.

River Adventures

We have a rubber duck available for blitz adventures up the Kromme River, bait collecting, fishing, trolling and enjoying the river one sandbank at a time…this little duck goes where the adventure is!

St Francis Bay Lodge - Rubber Duck

Professionally Guided Walks

St Francis Bay Lodge - Guided Walks

Strandlopers combed the coastline for food, fresh water and medicine and lived off ocean resources for up to 165000 years.  Explore this rich history and nature with your guide. A truly life-changing experience awaits within your walk in time. Discover ancient ways, in tune with everything. Feel the positive energy wash over you like the salt air in the breeze.

Guided Walk

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